Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Thankfulness

As we approach Thanksgiving I am saddened by the fact that my dear sister won't be with us this year. Her absence will be greatly felt and we will remember our last holiday with her, but we will also remember the thankfulness that we have felt for her profound influence on our lives.

She was my big sister and always tried to protect me from the bullies at school and in the world. She was the first to criticize me but also the first to support me if someone else criticized me. She would not hesitate to come to my defense if she thought someone was trying to best me. I will miss her, but I am forever thankful for the joy she brought into my life, the support she gave me with my son, Brody and for her influence in my spiritual life.

This Thanksgiving I am truly thankful for having a sister who knew the Lord, who wasn't afraid to stand up and say that she knew Him, and for not finding fault with me when I sometimes was not walking the path Christ wanted for me. She was an inspiration and a great mentor, and I will remember the heritage she has given us this Thanksgiving. Thank you Kathy.

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