Monday, January 25, 2010

Purity Can Be Found in the Newly Fallen Snow

All of our old snow melted this weekend, tonight we are getting another new coat of the white fluffy flakes. This weekend my brother-in-law also brought his fiance over so I could get to know her. I met her at Christmas but I was not yet ready to really meet her. It was such an intimate time and I was not finished grieving yet for my sister; but God has given me some closure.

Surprisingly, I find that I may now be ready to let this woman into the honored place my sister once filled. She seems nice, she likes red walls, and gardening; and I am sure that I will find many more things that she has in common with me. So I will say to her: "I wish you the best and hope that the Lord blesses you and my brother-in-law with a long life together." I think Kathy would be pleased.

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