Thursday, October 1, 2009

Little Things

Do you ever wonder how some people never seem to panic over anything, others only panic over the big things, and some people just panic over everything? You might ask yourself "what is the difference in their lives to account for their resolve or lack of?" Is it that they have no one who can help them through every bump and fall in life? I believe it is perspective. I have a perspective that God is holding my hand at every turn and twist, that He will eventually guide me home. My sister had that perspective and she is now home and I believe she was holding his hand the whole way.

I have a close friend who falls apart at every turn and small occurrences during the day, that may or may not affect her, will send her into a tailspin. She needs the Lord to get her perspective, to see that he wants to hold her hand during these times, but she is so stubborn she will not see how much he loves her and how much he cares. She is not alone, often times if we are honest we all have that perspective.

This week was one time I lost my perspective and needed prayers and many offered those prayers. I had to be tested for the cancer that took my sister's life, I was scared. After the test was done and I had the results, which were good, I realized how much God was holding on to me. I had not arrived home before the phone inquiries were starting. He was indeed holding my hand and I knew no matter what the outcome he had placed my strength within the hedge planted around my life. To all those reading,family and friends alike, if you were one that prayed for me "Thank you. Thank you for being my hedge the mighty warriors of prayers".

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