Monday, September 21, 2009

Fellowshipping, a lost art?

I remember my parents having friends from church over after church for dinner or a snack if it was after the evening service. My sister and I would watch late movies on Saturday or Sunday evening with our friends while our parents chatted. This was a good way to mentor our younger friends and encourage our peers. I miss that. We seem to be too busy with our lives like Martha when Jesus visited. We forget to be like Mary when our fellow Christians are available.

A friend called me up last week to see if she could come over to share a frozen latte, she knew I was laid off and wanted to encourage me. It made me feel valuable that she would want to come over to fellowship, to help mentor me and nurture our friendship. My mother would often have her friends over for coffee, I normally work so I have little time to do this, but I'm going to be better at this. Maybe if we all do better we will see each other as more caring and nurturing; and who knows maybe fellow shipping will make a comeback!

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